Visiting the European Parliament in Brussels

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It was a great honor for our simulation to have some of its participants invited by MEP, Ms Maria Spiraki to the European Parliament in Brussels.

This informative and educational trip took place between the 4th and 6th of March and the participants were Maria Eleni Papagianni and Serafim Sargiannidis, students of the 2nd grade of High School that have been selected by ballot during the Closing Ceremony of #ΜΡΔ2018. It was a random choice from the awarded students-diplomats. Furthermore, after the ballot the following university students were selected: Alexandros Pantelakos, President of the General Assembly, Andromacki Sklopi, Media Coordinator, Maria Mertzimeki and Anastasia Apostolaki, members of the board of the committees and Panagiotis Podiotis, member of the organizing committee.

The two students met with Mr. Dimitris Phatouros and discussed the Organization of the United Nations and its work by emphasizing human rights and the 17 goals of the UN about Sustainable Development.

After that, alongside the rest of the team they visited the European Parliament, where they attended a seminar-discussion by the General Director of Communication, unit of Visits and Seminars, Mr. George Stylianou.

We would like to deeply thank Ms. Spiraki for the unique and unforgettable experience. It was a great pleasure for us and we are thankful for the opportunity that she gave us to visit the European Parliament in Brussels and for everything that we have been offered.

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