The closing of a magnificent round of conferences

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The third day of the conference found the participants to be present at the ‘Ioannis Vellidis’ Convention Centre for the conduct of UN General Assembly. For the first time in these 3 days everyone was gathered in the same place, journalists, volunteers, chairs of the committees, members of the organising committee, as well as the honourable guests.

The presentation of the Committees of Human Rights’ decisions begun in a climate of joy and emotion, as a result of the 3-day productive discussion of the issues that concern everyone.

The UN High Commissioner and the President of the UN General Assembly called the representatives of each one of the 25 committees to announce in front of the European Parliament Plenaries the solutions the were decided to be formed, but also to award of the honourable mention and the best delegate of each committee. The decisions, which were read, were a result of a voting between the diplomats of each one of the committees.

Inter alia, the votes of the delegates included the information and education of both the politicians and the students, the strengthening of the psychological support of the vulnerable social groups and the people with different abilities, the promotion of volunteering and the action of the non-profit organizations, as well as the promotion of proper educational programs and actions in the Mass Media and mainly on Internet. Apart from the above, the delegates of each committee mentioned the decisions that were made about more specialized actions in their matters.

Within the most original and accurate arguments announced, were the ones of the Committee for Rights in Water, which suggested the equal distribution of water with a bit of emphasis on the vulnerable social groups, the systematic control over water abstraction, while having in mind the reduce of the undue consumption, and the provision of water coming from Antarctica’s detached icebergs.

The Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination emphasized the neutral attitude that the Mass media must maintain towards the various nations, in order to avoid political hate. Also, the Committee of the Right of Child on the right to rest and play promoted a student-based educational system, along with the creation of an observatory for the protection of the children’s rights.

Concerning the committees of the Rights of the Child, interesting was the proposal of the Committee of the Right of Child on Health, which wants to promote the provision of healthy meals on students and the strengthening of the subject of physical education. Moreover, the Committee of the Equal Representation of the Sexes accentuated the importance of the presentation of professions for both sexes on the Media and the promotion of campaigns for this matter, so that every woman will not have to choose between her family and her work.

Equally proper were the votes of the Committee for the Female Refugee since the delegates recommended the quick yield of second nationality to the disabled or pregnant female refuges from the host country.

The closing of the decisions’ presentation of all the Committees lead the UN High Commissioner to deliver her succinct and heartfelt speech with whom she praised the decisions and gave hope for a better future. In her closing, she condemned the inequality and the injustice and stressed that ‘a scream is the same in every language’. With those words closes a magnificent circle of conferences, which everyone will keep as an unforgettable experience. Hope to see you all again next year!

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