During your preparation, you will be asked to compose a short text, the so-called “Position Paper”, which has to be indicative of the national policy of your country regarding the Committee’s topic of interest.

To start with, you are asked to thoroughly study in depth the Study Guide of your Committee.  Additional information, in the form of complimentary reading material is provided for your further understanding. However, you can always expand your research by clicking on the websites provided to facilitate your progress.

More information regarding the drafting of your position paper is available online. Bellow are some useful websites for your research:

  • United Nations www.un.org
  • Office of The High Commissioner- United Nations Human Rights www.ohchr.org
  • United States Institute of Peace www.usip.org
  • Central Intelligence Agency www.cia.gov
  • United States Embassy & Consulate in the State Member State.usembassy.gov

Take into consideration that your position paper should perfectly abide by the guidelines of national policy followed by each Member State and that it is not a reflection of personal points of view.

Your position paper will be read out loud in the beginning of the Committee’s work in order to nourish the core debate.

You could find an indicative model of such a Position Paper here. All position papers should be submitted by the 20th of November 2019. Your text shall not exceed 300 words.