(Guidelines for Students/Parents – 3 steps)

1. Fill out the online application form (please find it below). You will need the following information:

  • Details of the Student
  • Details of the Guardians

2. Deposit the whole amount of the participation fee at the bank account of “ROI”, Piraeus Bank, IBAN: GR09 0172 2160 0052 1608 3670 577 with reasoning of the deposit the surname of the student.

  • The participation fee for each Diplomat is 30€. 
  • The participation fee for each Journalist is 20€. 
  • Conference registration includes:
    • the online training material provided to the participants during the preparation period,
    • the preparation of the students who will participate as diplomats, which includes, inter alia: the conduct of online working meetings with the Chairpersons of the Committees; the support for the production of the position papers of the diplomats; the acquaintance with the rules of procedure;
    • the guidance and support of students who will participate as journalists, in terms of their duties within the press team and under the guidance of the editor-in-chief;
    • the support of the school teachers who are in charge of the group delegations for the substantive and procedural issues related to the participation of their students in the Simulation;
    • the certificate of participation, issued electronically upon completion of the conference during the closing ceremony;
    • the honorary awards for the participants who will be distinguished for their performance within the Committees, which will be sent by airmail to the awarded diplomats.

3. Send the payment receipt at the email mrd.synedrio@gmail.com, with the title “Payment Receipt_Surname of student”. Right after the completion of this step, your application is deemed as valid.

Attention: Both steps (complete form – deposit amount and send us payment receipt) are required to be done, in order for an application to be valid.