After you have successfully fulfilled the application form according to the guidelines provided in the section ‘Application Form’, you will receive a confirmation email, which entails information regarding your participation, the Committee to which you have been assigned and the country which you will represent at the Conference.

The moment you become aware of your Committee and country, you will be able to effectively start your preparation for the conference.

In the section ‘Study Guides’, you will be able to find information concerning your topic and your Committee. Save the document and read it thoroughly. Expand your research by seeking further information using the links given as additional study material.

At a later stage you will be asked by the Officers of your Committee to prepare a brief position paper related to the topic of your Committee. Your position paper will be read out loud in the beginning of the Committee’s work in order to nourish the core debate. More information regarding this issue will be provided to you via email.

During Committee work, you can express your opinions on the topics discussed, on the condition that you respect diplomatic courtesy, the rules of procedure and the national policy of the country you represent (for instance, a delegate of a State Party accepting death penalty ought not to express herself/himself contrary to that policy).

In addition to preparing your arguments, you should start becoming more acquainted with the Rules of Procedure. Save and study in depth the file with the Rules of Procedure, which you can find here. Furthermore, in the same category you can find a decoded, brief presentation of the Rules of Procedure, based on each stage of discussion within the Committee.

Students participate in the Committees as independent delegates of the State-Parties. Additionally, some students participate as observers. Observers have exactly the same entitlements and duties written in the Procedural Rules, except the fact that they do not take part in the final procedure of accepting the Opinion Draft nor at the adoption of the amendments tabled.

In the section “Student Officers” you can find additional information about the Chairpersons of your Committee and read their curriculum vitae. Student officers will contact you promptly on the email you have provided during your application.