(Guidelines for Professors – 4 steps)

1. Fill out the online application form  (please find it below). You will need the following information: 

  • Details of the school   
  • Details of the accompanying professors
  • Number of participating students
  • Details of each student (Surname, birthday, email, special nutrition needs)
  • 3 Committee preferences for each student

2. Deposit of the total amount of money for the participation of your school delegation at the bank account of ROI, Piraeus Bank, IBAN: GR09 0172 2160 0052 1608 3670 577 including the name of the school as the reasoning of your deposit.

  • The participation fee for each Diplomat is 60€. 
  • The participation fee for each Journalist is 40€. 
  • The fee covers the meals of the students during the conference, transportation from downtown Thessaloniki to the conference venue, healthcare, conference material, heating and cleaning of the venue, scholarships to affiliated institutions. 

3. Send the payment receipt at the email mrd.synedrio@gmail.com, including the name of your school as the subject and the number of your students (Diplomats and Volunteers) at the main text of your email. 

4. Receive a confirmation email from us. 

  • You will receive a confirmation email and you will be informed whether your place has been secured within 48 hours. Later, you will be informed for the detailed allocation of your students to Committees and Countries, while you will also receive information and guidelines for the preparation of your students

Attention: Your application will be considered valid only upon the deposit of the participation fee and the sending of 

Fields with star (*) are mandatory

Α. School Information

Β. Chaperon Infomation