Concluding Speech of the Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Department)

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I am here with you in the closing ceremony of the 3rd Pan-Hellenic student simulation of the Organization of the United Nations Committees for Human Rights. I would like to congratulate the Social Cooperative Company «ΡΟΗ» and the organizing committee of the convention for the intact organization as well as all of the students who participated in the simulation.

The student simulation «Students in the role of a Diplomat» is developing into a successful annual meeting that brings students from this country’s schools in contact with the fundamental principles of diplomacy and with the function of international organizations like UN and their organization.

The success of this simulation is reflected in the massive participation of the students. In particular, the last two years over one thousand students from 100 high schools from Greece and Cyprus participated in the simulation. This type of conferences gives the chance to students of public schools to participate in simulations in Greek, while there is special provision for the participation of students from vulnerable social groups.

The educational and social role of this conference makes us proud because we also have the support of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

All these international agreements concerning human rights, with which students got familiar during the simulation, have been officially approved by the Greek Parliament. The protection of human rights is one of the fundamental principles of the constitution of our country. We pay special consideration to the defense and promotion of human rights of all people. The last 3 years great progress has been made, such as the ratification of the Agreement of Istanbul for the combat of violence against women and domestic violence, the legal recognition of identity and the extension of the cohabitation agreement, the education of the refugees. All these actions defend the rights of vulnerable groups and fight against discrimination of the sexes, nationality, religion and so on.

In the field of multilateral diplomacy our country shows stable interest on issues that are attached to Human Rights. Human Rights should be in the forefront of our foreign policy. Human Rights can’t be dealt as a hurdle of a cynical Real Politic. The persistence in the respect of human rights can bring many benefits for our country’s diplomacy.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our beloved students,

In the modern societies, in which the distancing of the youth tends to dominate in politics and the transformation of the last becomes a product for TV moments, you send an important and hopeful message. You are being informed about institutions and ways of practicing politics, participate actively in actions far over from the typical educational program of your schools. You become indeed active citizens. In a few years –being dynamic members of the society of people- with will and knowledge, you will enrich the political institutions and defend democracy and human rights.

I want to congratulate all of you that participated in this simulation and wish to our students who participated in the conference to keep in their minds the experiences and the conclusions from the past few days.

Thank you very much

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